Have your Bazi chart interpreted


I self-studied about Chinese metaphysics since I was a young adult, until today it is still fascinating how accurate it is describing a person’s talents, tendencies and so on. All this is based on a person’s birth date and time. No need to see the person, talk with the person or have the person fill in some questions.

A birthdate and time are fixed, does this mean the person is only behaving in this way or is doomed to have this faith? Not really. Despite having certain tendencies that inevitably lead to certain outcomes, we are still in charge. We can consciously change our behaviour and act differently, although this is quite hard. Habits are strong, but nevertheless, we can change. It is nice to know our potential, our tendencies, talents and so on, so we can utilize it for the good of everyone including ourselves and we can stop doing destructive behaviours once we know we have them and in return, we will have better outcomes.

Bazi readings

I have been producing individualized Bazi reports advertised on the Fiverr platform since March 2020 and have completed 27 orders since then until today (30 December 2021).

If you are interested in getting your Bazi chart read and get the Bazi report, feel free to contact me. Or go to Fiverr and place an order):

If you, on the other hand, would like to learn how to read Bazi charts, I have designed a course that teaches you to do basic readings. Please see Learn Bazi Chart Reading course page for more information.