Dog boarding

How it started
Since July 2022, I signed up at Pawshake to offer doggy daycare and dog boarding services to people with dogs in Christchurch. My initial focus was on people with dogs in the neighbourhood of Sumner, a suburb outside of the central city. However, we noticed that people do not really matter driving over half an hour to do the dog boarding with us. So the clients are coming from different areas, also outside Christchurch from Lyttelton.

In July 2022, I was number nine on the list of dog boarders available in Christchurch. After my signup, the number of dog boarders has risen rapidly. As of writing 31st of May, we are with eighteen dog boarders in Christchurch. I have even seen twenty dog boarders at one point.

Going well
Despite the number of available boarders, I have noticed it is not quiet. I regularly get new enquiries for dog boarding or doggy daycare, some of which I have to reject. Reasons for refusing the boarding are simply not having enough time for a Meet & Greet (last-minute ones), the dog is a highly energetic dog (farm dogs, working breeds), or too young puppies. Our home has not the right setup yet for a bigger dog or a more energetic breed. They need to run freely in the garden to burn off some of their energy, and it is only unfair to these dogs to not be able to offer so.
As of writing 31st of May, we have hosted a total of nineteen dogs with at least eight repeating clients that have been two or more times back. It is fun to interact with different breeds of dogs. They all have their own unique traits as humans do.

Dog training
From mid-February to May 2023 I have been following dog training courses and practised with the dogs that come to us. Training them to behave nicely: waiting for permission to eat after the bowl is put down on the floor, waiting to leave and enter the house, not being mouthy, barking or jumping up on people, furniture, window seals, or tables. Last but not least, to walk nicely next to you during walks. It’s good to hear the feedback from owners that the dog is walking much better after returning the dog, even though they do not continue training the dog. The dog still remembers some, even though consistency is the key to lasting change.

If you are interested to do doggy daycare (which means the dog stays with us during the day and pickup is late afternoon or beginning of the evening) or dog boarding with overnight stays, do not hesitate to contact me. Also please check Pawshake for pictures of dogs, reviews from dog owners, and more information and do the booking: