Experiment Liaison Lash bond eyelash serum

This blog post is about the experiment I had using the Liaison Lash Bond eyelash serum. There are so many positive reviews about the effectiveness of this product that triggered my curiosity to test it out myself. I have used it for 20 weeks, made before and after pictures and some in between pictures.


I bought it on the Liaison’s official website with a discount. The regular price is 49.99 USD and I bought it for 24.99 USD.
They often give discounts that basically you don’t need to pay the regular price if you just wait for the discount to come. Usually discount appear around holidays or special days like Black Friday, Mother’s Day, etc, but also subscribing to their mailing list and receiving discounts when they announce them in the newsletter works.
I have the impression that they want to give as many people as possible the chance to use it.

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Experiment Angfa Scalp d beaute Japanese eyelash serum

Scalp d beaute

This first blog post is about the experiment I did using the Japanese number one most used eyelash serum Scalp d beaute. The experiment came out of curiosity to see if it was really effective. I have made before and after pictures as well as pictures during the process.

According to their website: “This product was developed under the supervision of doctors with hair growth clinical research data from hair growth clinics.”


I bought it for around 1780 JPY (13.63 USD) in a drugstore in Tokyo. You can order it online on Amazon, iHerb and some other retailers. The price can of course be higher than buying locally in Japan. I used it diligently every morning and evening before heading to bed.

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