Turn Poinsettia red again

It is possible after the festive season, to turn a Poinsettia plant red again. Most people throw away their plant and buy a new one for Christmas. I have kept the Poinsettia from last year 2022. The plant turned into all green leaves three months time. Unfortunately no picture was made when it was all green. Then with some hard work, eventually it turned into another red Poinsettia.

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Treat cervical dysplasia naturally

HPV infographic

In 2018, after the first time doing PAP-smear testing, I got to know I had cervical dysplasia. Cervical dysplasia refers to the abnormal changes in the cells on the surface of the cervix. The changes are not cancer, but they can lead to cancer of the cervix if not treated. Cervical dysplasia is caused by certain strains of HPV. In this post, I will share my success story using natural ways to treat this. Three months later, all the cells were back to normal and no HPV was found according to two PAP-smear tests.

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Experiment Angfa Scalp d beaute Japanese eyelash serum

Scalp d beaute

This first blog post is about the experiment I did using the Japanese number one most used eyelash serum Scalp d beaute. The experiment came out of curiosity to see if it was really effective. I have made before and after pictures as well as pictures during the process.

According to their website: “This product was developed under the supervision of doctors with hair growth clinical research data from hair growth clinics.”


I bought it for around 1780 JPY (13.63 USD) in a drugstore in Tokyo. You can order it online on Amazon, iHerb and some other retailers. The price can of course be higher than buying locally in Japan. I used it diligently every morning and evening before heading to bed.

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