Welcome to my site!

My name is Yanling Chin. I have been doing different interesting projects over the years and this website showcases you in the form of the services that I offer. Please read more about what I can offer under “Services” in the menu.

I have also a blog where I once in a long while write something that might be useful for people to read. And a jokes page to have a good laugh when you get too serious in life. Please enjoy.


How can I help you?
I have the following services to offer.

Would you like to learn Dutch?
Specifically conversational Dutch, I can help you with this.
For more information, please see the page Learn Dutch.

Would you like to learn to create a design for a database using ERD?
ERD stands for Entity Relationship Diagram and can be used as a first step in designing a database. Please read more about this on the web page Learn ERD.

Would you like to know your capabilities, talents, and tendencies based on Chinese metaphysics Bazi?
According to Chinese metaphysics, we are born with certain talents and tendencies. Certain tendencies lead to certain actions and their outcomes. Of course, what we do in the course of our lives, is up to us. We can choose to consciously act differently and thereby work against our usual habits to come to a different outcome. And we can use our natural born talents and capabilities to flourish in our lives by nurturing these.
Please read more on the page Have your Bazi chart interpreted.

Would you like to learn how to plot and read a Bazi chart?
Instead of having me or someone else read your Bazi chart, you can learn it yourselves! And then use that knowledge to help others understand their strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Please read more about this on the web page Learn Bazi Chart Reading Course.

Would you like to have your dog looked after?
If you live in Christchurch in New Zealand, then I can help you to look after your dog. You can either choose doggy daycare which means the dog will not have overnight stays or dog boarding where the dog stays during the day and stays at night with the boarder. For more information, please see the webpage Dog Boarding.


Who wouldn’t like to laugh? These dad jokes play with words and imaginations that make them funny. Also depending on your English skills, will determine the level of funniness.

“Apparently I snore so loudly…
that it scares everyone in the car I’m driving.”

“What’s worse than seeing a worm after biting an apple?
Seeing half a worm.”

“What did the hat say to the scarf?
You hang around. I’ll go on ahead.”

Read more jokes on page Jokes.


Experiment Liaison Lash bond eyelash serum

This blog post is about the experiment I had using the Liaison Lash Bond eyelash serum. There are so many positive reviews about the effectiveness of this product that triggered my curiosity to test it out myself. I have used it for 20 weeks, making before and after pictures and some in-between pictures.


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